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Usborne Books books are exciting, engaging, and educational. A number of books in our store also match the themes of our Kids Think Curriculum monthly lesson plans.

View our Usborne Books catalog, which features the complete line of Usborne and Kane Miller titles. When shopping from our site, you will find nearly 2,000 titles to select from. We have even recently started offering a wider array of Spanish language titles. Need help? Just contact us. Want to browse directly online? You can shop right through this website.


Books for March 2021 Kids Think Lesson Plan:

Usborne Books offer a variety of innovative, well-illustrated books that teach children important lessons in an enjoyable manner. Their books range from activity books to fictional series’ to science and history encyclopedias and more.


We believe that partnering with Usborne Books will allow you, as a daycare provider, to build your library and encourage your children to read. As we know, reading is key for children as it allows them to develop essential skills, including communication skills, literacy skills, and more. Usborne Books understand this, which is why they offer books that are engaging, educational, and most importantly, books that kids love to read.

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