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 About Us 

Christa Thornton



Christa Thornton is the co-owner of Daycare Time Solutions and expert strategist, with a degree in Early Childhood Education and 20 years of experience in the field. She has worked with children of all backgrounds and age groups ranging from infants through high school. Her experience has allowed her to understand the needs of children and the importance of teacher/parent partnerships.


Motivated by her desire to serve the community, Christa alongside her husband, Marquez Thornton founded Daycare Time Solutions to help all childcare providers flourish in their childcare journeys. Christa describes herself as a fire starter, ensuring she comes equipped with the mindset to help providers strategize and execute a plan to help them succeed.

Providing strategies 1-to-1 is important to Christa, as she believes 1-to-1 consultation sessions with providers are the most effective.


Christa loves nothing more than to witness others grow and thrives on seeing results. She also creates vital resources to aid providers such as parent handbooks, plans to ensure preparedness in emergencies, lesson plans, menus, and more.

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