Doing Your Taxes With Us (EXCLUSIVE Special Offer)

Here at Daycare Time Solutions, we work with several highly skilled tax consultants that are ready to help you manage your taxes. One of our affiliates is Nekea Whitson, a Child Care Tax Specialist.

Nekea helps daycare owners increase their cash flow through tax strategies and business credit. She has 10+ years of experience and currently has an exclusive offer just for Daycare Time Solutions readers!

That's right, you can get a whopping $100 off any tax service with Nekea!

This offer is only available until January 15th, so don't miss out. Lock your spot today!

Why Nekea?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Nekea to handle your taxes. She is an expert in the child care tax industry with 10+ years of experience in the field and an excellent client-retention rate.

Nekea also shares her knowledge on her Youtube channel Nekea Child Care Tax Specialist, where she creates videos about child care tax and related topics. Her videos are helpful and informative as she shares top financial tips along with other useful information. One of her most popular videos is informing daycare providers of grants they may have been able to apply for in their local areas. Other videos include information about PPP loans and business credit, to mention a few.

Nekea also had an outstanding success recently, in which her PPP loan got full forgiveness! But she's not ready to stop there. She aims to help all daycare providers lower their tax liabilities and maximize their tax deductions and credits. In short, she wants to help you get the most out of your finances, too.

Nekea is taking bookings right now. If you require professional help with tax planning and more, you can book her services here.

You can also book a free consultation with Nekea here.

Don't forget - the special offer is only available for a limited time until January 15th, so don't miss out!

Please note: Nekea's tax services are currently unavailable for daycare providers in California, Oregon, and Connecticut. However, we have other qualified tax consultants that work in these states, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

If you have any comments or feedback for us, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear what you have to say!



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