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Growing Luffa Sponges with Kids

Growing a garden with kids is super rewarding. I love seeing them get excited about finding a new tomato that's ripe or eating strawberries or peas fresh off the plant. They learn so much from gardening as well as get nourishment from it. It's amazing to watch kids try new things they would never try before.

I love growing unusual things with my kids because it's interesting, I learn a ton, and it's conversation inspiring as they teach other people what they have learned about growing things.

Did you know that luffas actually grow on a vine? They are a gourd. Yes, those sponges that you buy in spa packages actually can be grown in your back yard if you have plenty of hot days in the summer where you live.

You can grow luffas with your daycare kids and have a super fun learning experience for yourself and the families you serve. All you need is a tiny seed.

Click here to see more about how to grow luffa with kids in your children's garden.

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