I need help with Marketing!!!

Meet John Abbas who joined our team recently to specifically coach you on marketing and ways to bring more clients to your inbox, email, social media pages and into your doors. Book your free consultation with him today and get the help you been asking for!

"Hi. I am John Abbas and I spent 15 years in sales and marketing before opening up a large childcare center outside of Nashville, TN. When we opened the Gingerbread House in 2018, we were at 102 students and within 45 days we grew it to 145 students with a large waitlist and we have been on a waitlist ever since. Even when COVID hit, we never closed and retained more children than any center in our region. How did this happen? By taking the same principles and strategies I have learned and applied to my other endeavors, and applying them to Childcare. Marketing and Customer service are not luck. It’s a strategy and when done right, you can easily and effectively differentiate yourself from the competition and become an asset. When you are only competing in price… you are a commodity. You do not want to be in that situation.


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