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Upcoming Event: Black Friday Sale

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We have an amazing offer coming up for you this month!

Black Friday Sale

When? 27th - 30th November (beginning at 12am midnight)

12 months of lesson plans could be yours for just $240 - saving you a huge 50%!

Retailing at $480, we are offering you 12 months of our lesson plans ALL from this year for just $240 - that's a huge half price saving!

(All lesson plans have been reworked to meet your yearly need.)

Our Kids Think curriculum provides learning opportunities to encourage children to be confident, successful, life-long learners. Our lesson plans include instructions and activities targeted towards essential developmental areas, including: Physical, Language, Cognitive, Literacy, Math, Science & Discovery, Social studies and Arts.

Typically, we sell our lesson plans on a month-to-month basis (ie. this month we have the November lesson plan and then the December lesson plan will be available in a great days), however this bundle includes ALL of our lesson plans from this entire year in one bundle, ensuring you'll be covered for the whole year ahead. With a huge half price saving, you can't go wrong!

With the children's development at the heart of our Kids Think curriculum, our lesson plans are ideal for helping children blossom into confident young individuals. This offer really is a must-buy for all daycare providers, especially if you are a new provider! Build your lesson plan book with these fabulous plans!

Don't miss out! Take advantage of this amazing offer which will be running from November 27th - 30th.

To find out more or to purchase this incredible offer, head to the 'Bundle Deals' section on our website starting on November 27th - 30th.

*We will also have deals on Busy Binders, Video Promos, Lesson plans, Menus, and Logos!

If you have any comments or feedback for us, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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