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Week 1-2: Acorns and Pinecones

As the seasons change, our youngest learners, aged 6 months to early 2 years, are about to embark on an exciting adventure exploring the wonders of pinecones and acorns. Through sensory exploration, they will touch, feel, and engage with these natural treasures, fostering a connection to the beauty of autumn.


📚 A Reading log and monthly Calendar are included.


Week 3-4: Harvest and Thankfulness
In the spirit of gratitude, our little ones, aged 6 months to early 2 years, are embarking on a heartwarming journey centered around the themes of Harvest and Thankfulness. They will discover the joy of giving thanks, explore seasonal fruits and vegetables, and create delightful art to celebrate the bounties of the harvest season.


Use these plans for two weeks each to provide a thorough and enriching experience for your students. Enjoy the journey of discovery and creativity!


**The download is available on your invoice page after purchase.**


Lesson Plans are created by the Daycare Time Solutions team. You are not permitted to resell, claim this work as you own, or alter the files in any way.


This product is for personal and single classroom use only.

Acorns and Pinecones Babies Activities

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