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Weeks 1 & 2: Frosty's Friends (wildlife winter animals) 

❄️ Our little ones are embarking on a winter wonderland journey with the themes "Frosty's Friends" and Snow and Snowflakes. 


Your little friends will dive into the enchanting world of winter wildlife animals and the magic of snow and snowflakes. These themes are designed for repetition, allowing our babies to immerse themselves in the gentle exploration of arctic creatures, winter habitats, and the delightful sensory experiences of snow. Through soft textures, soothing sounds, and hands-on play, your little learners will build familiarity with the wonders of winter.


Frosty's Friends: Babies will be introduced to the softness of materials, the gentle movement of arctic animals, and the concept of winter habitats. 


Snowy and Snowflakes: The magic of snow and snowflakes will unfold as babies experience the cool sensation of snow-themed textures. Soft fabrics, gentle snowflake shapes, and soothing sounds will create a sensory-rich environment, fostering a sense of wonder and delight.


Repetition is key during these precious weeks, allowing our little ones to develop a comforting routine and gradually build their understanding of winter wonders. With each repetition, they'll gain familiarity with the themes, textures, and gentle activities, creating a foundation for joyful learning and exploration. It's a magical journey into the winter season, tailor-made for our tiniest adventurers! ❄️👶💕


*A Reading log and monthly Calendar is included


** You will receive 2 PDF's  (2 weeks of plans --the plans are meant for you to repeat each week. --repetiton for this age group is very important for their development)


**The download is available on your invoice page after purchase.**


Lesson Plans are created by the Daycare Time Solutions team. You are not permitted to resell, claim this work as you own, or alter the files in any way.


This product is for personal and single classroom use only.

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