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Managing a business and maintaining good record keeping can be easier said then done. In our past surveys, we concluded that 75% of childcare providers do not have their books in order and are scrambling receipts and paperwork last minute. This will result in leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table from improper bookkeeping. We are here to ease that small fraction of your business, but highly important. Bookkeeping not only helps you see a snapshot of your profit and loss every month but also helps you prepare for the future.


  • Organizing your financial
  • Profit and Loss Balance Sheet
  • Financial statements.
  • Monthly report
  • Monthly or video phone reviews
  • World class support and advice


Must be purchased monthly for ongoing services.


Bonus: If we are doing your books you will get an automatic $150 deducted off your tax filing cost, if done with us.


After Payment, write down your Invoice Number. This number will be on your invoice page and also emailed to you.


  • Do not set up an appointment with Nekea until you have your invoice number.

***Any appointment scheduled without an invoice number will be ignored.***

  • Please set up an appointment with Nekea to discuss the required information regarding your purchase, by going to
  • When setting up your appointment, make sure to enter your email, phone number, and in the “Add Your Message” box include your Invoice Number.
  • You will be contacted by phone at your scheduled appointment time.


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