Busy Binder (ages 2-6)

Busy Binder (ages 2-6)


This educational learning binder is great for ages 2-6 years old! It teaches name, numbers, counting, letters, and shapes. It also has fun matching games. The repetition of learning the same concept through different learning sheets helps children remember new skills! Includes 59 pages and 2 names. Shipped to you with laminated sheets, velcro, binder, binder pocket, 10 popsicle sticks, and dry erase marker. Ships within 14-30 business days. Our team is working to produce and ship the top-quality of products to you as quickly as possible. You may experience delays due to the number of orders being processed and to Covid. We recommend monitoring your tracking number once you receive it for up-to-date information on deliveries.

Included in this learning binder are 59 with two names (child) of the following learning sheets:
1. The Pledge of Allegiance

2. Morning Song

3. Today is….

4. Write the date

5. Day of week

6. Month of year

7. Days of year

8. Blank calendar

9. Trace your name

10. Learning your name (I can spell, I can trace, I can build, I can write)

11. Build your name (Fill in the missing letters)

12. Learning my alphabets (upper)

13. Learning my alphabet (lower)

14. Learning my alphabet (out of order)

15. Trace the letters

16. Match/learning the shapes Page 1

17. Match/learning the shapes Page 2

18. How many sides

19. Matching/Learning colors

20. Matching colors with a line

21. Tracing patterns

22. Number 1-10

23. Number 1-20

24. Counting by 5’s

25. Counting by 10’s

26. Number 1-100

27. Complete the number series page 1

28. Complete the number series page 2

29. Complete the letter series upper letters

30. Complete the letter series lower letters

31. Write the number that after

32. Write the number before and after

33. Color the box -How many

34. Fill in the missing number

35. Fill in the missing number with larger numbers page 1

36. Fill in the missing number with larger numbers page 2

37. Trace number 1-20

38. Match the numbers

39. Learning and Matching Fraction (Cliparts from poppydreamz from Etsy)

40. Pre-K Sight words

41. Opposites

42. Number game - less than and greater than

43. Number game - Different mathematical ways to write numbers

44. Roll the dice and add (Need a dice)

45. My phone number and address

46. My phone number with 911

47. Left/right-hand number 1-10

48. Learning time

49. Learning to read sight words cards

50. Letter positioning

51. Fruit matching (Clipart from mycutelobsterdesigns from Etsy)

52. Vegetable matching (Clipart from mycutelobsterdesigns from Etsy)

53. How to measure with measuring cup

54. Today’s Weather is (Clipart from PlayRainbowKids)

55. Color the rainbow

56. Build a house

57. Name your Body parts

58. Money (Not real and for educational purchases)

59. 7 continents maps with 5 oceans (this sheet is free and came from www,countries-of the-world.com) FOR EDUCATIONAL USE



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