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This mega educational learning interactive binder is great for ages 2-6 years old!



The repetition of learning the same concept through different learning sheets helps children remember new skills!


Includes 64 pages of colorful high-quality graphics to captivate and engage your little ones-- You also get 2 names.


Shipped to you with laminated sheets, velcro, 2 inch binder, binder pocket, 10 popsicle sticks and rubber bands, and dry erase marker (color may vary).


Ships within 14-30 business days.


Our team is working to produce and ship the top-quality of products to you as quickly as possible.


Your physical binder will require a signature upon delivery.


We recommend monitoring your tracking number once you receive it for up-to-date information on deliveries.

Physical Toddler/Pre-K Busy Binder

  • Included in this learning binder are 64 with two names (child's first name UNLESS you are getting it for ONE child only, then I would need first and last name) of the following learning sheets:


    *if you have multiple names, you would pay $4.50 for each additional name. You will order additonal names here:

    • The Pledge of Allegiance
    • Morning Song
    • Today is….
    • Write the date
    • Day of week
    • Month of year
    • Days of year
    • Blank calendar
    • Trace your name
    • Learning your name (I can spell, I can trace, I can build, I can write)
    • Build your name (Fill in the missing letters)
    • Learning my alphabets (upper)
    • Learning my alphabet (lower)
    • Learning my alphabet (out of order)
    • Trace the letters
    • Match/learning the shapes Page 1
    • Match/learning the shapes Page 2
    • How many sides
    • Matching/Learning colors
    • Matching colors with a line
    • Tracing patterns
    • Number 1-10
    • Number 1-20
    • Counting by 5’s
    • Counting by 10’s
    • Number 1-100
    • Complete the number series page 1
    • Complete the number series page 2
    • Complete the letter series upper letters
    • Complete the letter series lower letters
    • Write the number that after
    • Write the number before and after
    • Color the box -How many
    • Fill in the missing number
    • Fill in the missing number with larger numbers page 1
    • Fill in the missing number with larger numbers page 2
    • Trace number 1-20
    • Match the numbers
    • Learning and Matching Fraction (Cliparts from poppydreamz from Etsy)
    • Pre-K Sight words
    • Opposites
    • Number game -less than and greater than
    • Number game -different ways to write shapes for a number
    • Roll the dice and add (Need a dice)
    • My phone number and address
    • My phone number with 911
    • Left/right-hand number 1-10
    • Learning time
    • Learning to read sight words cards
    • Letter positioning
    • Fruit matching (Clipart from mycutelobsterdesigns from Etsy)
    • Vegetable matching (Clipart from mycutelobsterdesigns from Etsy)
    • How many Farm Animals?(Clipart from mycutelobsterdesigns from Etsy)
    • What your emotions today? (Clipart from SusanFitchDesigns from Etsy)
    • Trace your lowercase letters
    • How to measure with measuring cup
    • Today’s Weather is (Clipart from PlayRainbowKids)
    • Color the rainbow
    • Color the house
    • Name your Body parts
    • What your emotion today      
    • 7 continents maps with 5 oceans (this sheet is free and came from www,countries-of FOR EDUCATIONAL USE 
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