English Busy Binder

English Busy Binder


This binder helps toddlers learn to recognize their name, phone number, teaches to identify shapes, colors, alphabet, and numbers, all while having fun! This binder contains different learning strategies to help your toddler prepare for pre k, kindergarten. This binder is for toddlers ages 2-5 years old.




Shipped to you with clear slipcovers, sheets, velcro, binder, and binder pocket. Ships within 14-30 business days. Once the tracking number is sent to the provider, it will be the provider's responsibility to track their package.


Our team is working to produce and ship the top-quality of products to you as quickly as possible. You may experience delays due to the number of orders being processed and to Covid. We recommend monitoring your tracking number once you receive it for up-to-date information on deliveries. 

Included in this learning binder are 43 pages with one name (child), of the following learning sheets:

  1. My name is
  2. I know my name
  3. My phone number
  4. I know my alphabet
  5. I know my colors
  6. I can count
  7. I can identify numbers
  8. I can match the dice
  9. I know my shapes
  10. I can identify shapes
  11. Days of week
  12. Month of year
  13. Weather
  14. Seasons
  15. Color shape sorting
  16. Farm animal bingo
  17. Money fruit matching game
  18. Is it a fruit or a vegetable
  19. 5 senses
  20. How do you feel
  21. I can identify sizes
  22. Upper and lower case letters
  23. I know the difference between Land or water
  24. Plants
  25. Peter piper
  26. One fish two fish
  27. Five little monkeys
  28. Nursery rhymes 1
  29. Nursery rhymes 2
  30. Days of the week rhyme song
  31. Color song
  32. I know my vowels
  33. I know the difference
  34. Opposites
  35. I can learn
  36. I can trace
  37. Handwriting practice 1
  38. Handwriting practice 2
  39. Worksheet fun
  40. Sight words
  41. I can identify my right hand
  42. I can complete a pattern ​

Purchase Additional Pages - $1.25 each:

  1. I Am ____ years old.
  2. Let’s Go Shopping.
  3. Let’s Match.
  4. Let’s Count.
  5. How many do you see.
  6. Name that shape.
  7. Alphabet Popsicles.
  8. Alphabet Cupcakes.
  9. Alphabet ice cream.
  10. Alphabet Candy
  11. Numbers in Spanish
  12. Alphabet in Spanish
  13. Spanish Alphabet Sound chart



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