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Age group, 2 years- 5 years old




Simply choose the 12 themes that you want and email the Daycare Time Solutions Team at your number choices from below.


We will put your packet together and email it over to you.



1. Global Passports


2. Ocean Explorer


3. Little Green Thumbs


4. Once Upon a Time


5. Dino Land


6. All About Me


7. Fall


8. The Great Outdoors


9. No Place Like Home


10. Planetarium


11. Baby Animals


12. The Magic of Spring


13. A Bug’s Summer


14. Pond Life


15. Let’s Go Camping


16. Hiding Places


17. Giving Thanks


18. Technology


19. Winter In the Woods


20. Nursery Rhymes


21. Movers and Shakers


22. Deck the Halls


23. Zoo Friends


24. Children in the Chocolate Factory


25. Birds of a Feather


26. Cloudy Side Up


27. Circus


28. I Spy


29. Farmers Market


30. Family Traditions


31. Cartoon Adventures


32. Winter Wonderland


33. Tropical Paradise


34. Lemonade Stand


35. Flower Power


36. Ice Age


37. Emotions and Feelings


38. March Gladness


39. Earth Day


40. Ice Age


41. Feelings and Emotions


42. March Gladness


43. Earth Day


44. Little Artists


45. Ice Cream Social


46. Flags and Fireworks


47. 5 Senses


48.  Community Helpers


49.  Fall Festival


50. Acorns and Pinescones


51. The Giving Tree


52. The Culinary Kid



The plans come with an assessment sheet for the month for each theme, worksheets that you can turn into a busy binder for each child, book suggestions, parent participation activities, cover photo for your social media page, and teachers guide for each week.


Some of the plans have additions resource such as tasty treat recipe cards, reading logs, sight word cards



Plans will be delivered to your email within hours.

Pick 12 Lesson Plan Activities (monthly plans)

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