PPP Loan Assistance

PPP Loan Assistance

We provide assistance with the Paycheck Protection Program application from start to finish. This application assistance does not guarantee 100% approval from the loan provider.
The PPP Assistance program works in this matter:  We will do the application for you and submit it. We will also send you the list of info needed to be in compliance with the PPP guidelines.
The best part of our program is the our fee is $100, but only $50 is due for the initial deposit. We submit your application to the 1st lender if not approved we apply with the 2 other lenders.
Previously, our past clients didn’t get approved from the first lender but got approved with the second. So we will try at least 3X times. Only if you are approved for the loan you will pay the full $200 if not just the deposit ($100) will be sufficient for our time and effort.



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