Pre-Order Toddler Busy Binder Set (ages 1-4) *price includes shipping*

Pre-Order Toddler Busy Binder Set (ages 1-4) *price includes shipping*


Please Read Before Purchase: 5 Toddler Busy Binder Sets are created every week starting on Monday. Due to high demand, you may Pre-Order a week early. If you purchase a Pre-Order, please understand your order will be mailed out in 2 weeks. Thank you.  


For Ages 1 - 4. Grab this fun and interactive Learning Tool, filled with 50 pages of colorful high-quality graphics to captivate and engage your little ones. This Mega Bundle Toddler Busy Binder Set is the perfect activity for your childcare toddlers to play with whilst honing their cognitive and fine motor skills. Help your childcare children learn educational skills in a fun new way! These bright and colorful teaching tools are printed on Premium Card Stock and then laminated, so that they may be used over and over again to help toddlers learn and explore with hands-on learning. Some pages use expo markers, spinners, while most sets use fun velcro to give toddlers a hands-on experience when matching the correct answers. The Spinner Teaching Tools can also be hung up in your classroom near your circle time area. This item comes made and ready for your childcare toddlers to use. This also makes a great gift because it is educational and can be used over and over again and taken with you when you travel. Each Toddler Busy Binder Set includes a fun variety of learning sheets, a pair of shoelaces, a clear zipper pouch to hold all the velcro pieces, and a dry erase marker. All the little pieces have already been cut out and velcro dots attached.   


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The "All About Me" page can be added for an additional fee. (the "All About Me" page has a place for the child to trace their name, circle how many fingers old they are, and circle an emoji on how they are feeling)Contact after purchase to be sent an invoice for "All About Me" Sheets. $3 each.

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