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The Provider-Parent Connection Pack is designed to simplify your communication efforts and streamline the way you connect with parents. It includes a comprehensive set of professionally crafted letters and documents, carefully curated to address various aspects of your childcare operations.


Benefits of the Provider-Parent Connection Pack:

Effortless Communication: With our ready-to-use templates, you can effortlessly convey important information to parents, making your interactions more effective and efficient.


Customization: You have the flexibility to personalize the documents to reflect your childcare's unique identity and policies. Add your logo for that extra touch of professionalism.


Time Savings: Say goodbye to the hassle of drafting letters from scratch. Our pre-made templates save you time and allow you to focus on what matters most – providing quality care to children.


Professionalism: Impress parents with clear, well-structured communications that demonstrate your commitment to their child's well-being.


Here's what you'll find in the Provider-Parent Connection Pack:

  • Allergy Alert Letter 

  • Child Behavior Letter

  • Closure Reminder Letter 

  • Curriculum Letter 

  • Decision Not to Enroll Family Letter 

  • Decision to Enroll Family Letter 

  • Emergency Contact List Letter 

  • Feedback and Survey Request Letter 

  • Holiday and Birthday Celebration Policy 


  • Hygiene and Illness Prevention Policy Letter 

  • Inclement Weather Letter 

  • Late Payment Policy Letter

  •  Maternity Leave Letter (with and without a substitute)

  • New Parent Communication App Letter

  • No Outside Items Letter

  • Notice of Late Payment Letter

  • Rate Adjustment Notification Letter

  • RSV Letter

  • Sick Policy Letter

  • Staff Changes Announcement Letter

  • Sunscreen and Outdoor Play Policy

  • Sunscreen Permission Form

  • Tax Information Letter

  • Termination Letter

  • Welcome Letter

Provider Letters Packet

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