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The Giving Tree Activity Plans

Week 1: Frosty's Friends ❄️ Get ready to explore the winter wonderland as we dive into "Frosty's Friends." Your littles will be captivated by the magic of winter wildlife animals. Through engaging activities, we'll study arctic creatures, build winter shelters, and discover ways to protect wildlife in the colder months. It's a hands-on journey into the snowy habitats, fostering a love for nature and the importance of caring for our frosty friends.


Week 2: Elf Engineering 🛠️ In our second week, young minds transform into little engineers with our "Elf Engineering" theme. Focused on STEM, children will embark on a journey of creative problem-solving and innovation. From building elf-sized structures to exploring creativity and design, this week is all about fostering curiosity and a love for scientific exploration.


Week 3: Snowflakes and Ornaments ❄️🎄 As the winter magic continues, we dive into the mesmerizing world of "Snowflakes and Ornaments." This week, the littles will engage in pattern-making, design beautiful ornaments, and explore the concept of shapes. It's a delightful blend of creativity and cognitive learning as they create their winter wonderland masterpieces.


Week 4: The Giving Tree 🌳🍬 In the spirit of giving, our fourth week is dedicated to "The Giving Tree." Kiddos will immerse themselves in the joy of baking and creating sweets, enjoying heartwarming story times, and learning about healthy and unhealthy foods.


Bonus Days: Jingle Jamboree 🎶 The festivities continue with our "Jingle Jamboree" bonus days! Focused on music and movement, preschoolers will explore the world of sound, rhythm, and joyful dance. With a splash of silver-themed activities, we'll add a sparkly touch to our jolly celebrations. Get ready for a harmonious and joyful jingle time!


Throughout the month, we'll also introduce the color silver, the shape semi-circle, and the letters X, Y, and Z. It's a holistic and magical learning journey that promises to ignite curiosity, creativity, and a love for discovery in our young learners. 🌈✨


Each lesson plan is full of fun learning experiences, great treats, and adventure-filled activities for the children.


If you ever have any questions in regards to your lesson plans you can contact support at use the subject Lesson Plan.


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The Giving Tree Activity Plans for 2-5 years olds

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