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Norwex EnviroCloth

Struggle with safely & effectively cleaning countertops?



THE for everything cloth! This cloth is your work horse!! Use it wet on EVERY surface; inside, outside, counters, toilets, you name it!! It’s removing 99% of bacteria with its high quality tiny fibers . Then rinse when done and hang to dry. The magic happens here- while you’re not even watching . Micro silver embedded within the cloth goes to work to eliminate all that bacteria , mold, mildew etc that was picked up leaving you with a fresh, clean cloth every time it dries!!!!


No chemical residue left behind and truly clean surfaces.

Norwex Laundry Detergents

Want clean clothes but no harsh chemicals?? Look no further! We have 3 great detergent options!



Don’t coat your clothing (or dryer) with harsh chemicals from typical detergents. Unfortunately, not all “free & clear” detergents are created equally either.


It’s biodegradable, free of all fragrance, dyes, bleach, parabens, sulfates, and more! It’s safe & effective! Perfect for all members of the family — especially those with sensitive skin/allergies!

Dilute it to use as an all purpose cleaner!

Recommended to care for your Norwex cloths!

You only need 1 tsp per load/1 Tbsp per standard load!

LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT — which is enzyme based and lifts out even more stains and odors, think kids’ sports uniforms, your workout clothes, etc. USDA Biobased Certified including our lavender liquid laundry detergent, as well as unscented.


These Eco-laundry strips have been named top 5 from Good Housekeeping magazine & have received lots of recognition for best travel laundry strips! Let me just say, we’re all looking for convenience, right!? It doesn’t get any easier than these Eco-friendly laundry strips, just TEAR it, TOSS it, WASH it!

Norwex Power Cleaning Paste

Tough messes throughout the house that need some extra attention?



When you need more than just our cloth & water... Norwex has you covered!

It’s our elbow grease in a jar! (Or as many call it, magic! ) So many great uses & with my girls... I need it a lot

Replaces toxic household sprays and cleaners.

Use it on glass top stoves, ovens, tile, grout, mold, mildew, showers, shoes, marker messes, car headlights... the list goes on & on!

Highly concentrated — a little goes a long way!

Norwex Dusting Mitt

Do you despise DUSTING like I did?? Why dust when it’s just going to come right back?! Ever had that thought?


Dusting Mitt & Envirowands (full size & now mini available too)

Make your dusting at least tolerable with this convenient super-plush, handy mitt to actually pick up & trap the dust, rather than pushing it along the surface! Attract dust like a magnet when you rub the mitt on itself or against your other hand to produce a static charge & hold on to it, keeping your house dust-free longer!!! I also keep one in my car for dusting the interior or take it to the beach to dust the sand off you!

Did you know, dust can contain up to 45 chemicals that may stir up allergies & asthma. That’s why it is important to keep the dust away! Plus, you’ll save money with this reusable option compared to purchasing sprays or those feather dusters that need replacement pads!!


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