Helping you to build the business you have always dreamed about and attracting the clients you know will stay. 

Ms. Tessie has been working in the education field for 15 years. She began working on her degree in Birth-Kindergarten Education at Western Carolina University. During this time, she worked as a teacher's assistant, a Kindermusik educator, and ran another preschool program while in Germany. Ms. Tessie graduated with her Bachelor’s in Dec. of 2011. In 2020 Ms. Tessie moved her program to Rosamond, CA in order to continue to serve her community. For Ms. Tessie, this is not simply a job, this is a career.


Ms. Tessie offers help with:

  • Revamping businesses 

  • Client Engagement 

  • Developing action plans for enrolled children 

  • Client retainment

  • Employee retainment 

  • Training options 

  • Environment designing

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