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I've set up this project management board to help us throughout the consulting and developing process.

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  • For the best performance, this should be done on a laptop and/or desktop.

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What is the best means of communication during your web design process?

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Please upload your company's logo.

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You can take your own photos using a newer iPhone or Samsung or DSLR. You are also welcome to pay someone to do professional photos for you. - Please take pictures in landscape format.

If you would like banner images on the top of pages and other Stock images throughout your website, 

I highly recommend images from Unsplash and FreeImages as sources of free, fair-use, high-quality, professional-grade stock images. You can also find more free professional stock images from:

PexelsPixabaySplashPicjumboSplitshireLife of PixStartup Stock PhotosGratisography, and Coverr.co

Share any photos you take, have taken, or any stock images you may find, and share them with me via email at dts.kristy@gmail.com or a Shared Google Drive Folder.

If you’d like us to search for photographs for you, we will provide up to 10 stock images we find for free, of our choosing.

Color Theme

I can pull colors from your logo or you can choose a color palette. 

SEO (Think Google Search)

I need the following items for your site SEO configuration. I will use this info on your site throughout and in search engines. 

Official Business Name

This appears first in search engines and is your tab name.

Official Site Description

This is the official site description for search engines. Should be 1-3 sentences, sweet, short, and very concise. 300 character limit.

Example: In-Home Childcare, offering full and part-time childcare. We have 19 years of childcare experience. Offering a fun curriculum that meets the requirements of all ages and we excel at maintaining routines. We hope your child will join our highly caring and high-energy atmosphere today!


List 15-20 comma-separated keywords you want to target in search engines, they should include local targeted words.

Examples: After School Care, Babysitter, Before School Childcare, Child, Nursery, Children, Creative, Activities, Daycare, CPR, Experienced, Excellent, Education, Summer Program, Infant, Toddler, Playgroup, Qualified, Licensed, Insured, Reliable, Crafts, Home, Certified, Nanny, Baby, Classroom, In-Home, Caregiver, Prek, School-age, Full-time, Part-time, Drop-In, Weekend Care, Raleigh (your city), North Carolina (your state)

Official Address

For use in Google Maps.

(you do not have to list your street address if you are not comfortable doing so, city and state will be enough)

Official Contact Information

phone / email

Type of childcare you provide:

If you would like to accept tuition or enrollment fee payments on your website, please provide the following information. Please note we only offer PayPal and Cash App options at this time.

If you have a parent handbook, please upload it below.

Upload Your Handbook
Max File Size 15MB

If you have any forms such as contracts, fee agreements, illness policies, etc. that you would like uploaded to your website for parents to download, please email them to dts.kristy@gmail.com. Thank you.

What pages would you like on your website?

If you chose the Google Calendar Page, provide your email account with Google.

Option available only for the .02 and .03 Package.

Please provide any links or usernames to the social media accounts, you'd like to integrate into your website. If you already have a Facebook Business page.

Content Section.

This is sometimes the hardest part of the process.

I will give examples to try and help.

Tell me about who you are.

Please share with me at least one picture of you and/or your family via email at dts.kristy@gmail.com or a Shared Google Drive Folder.

What makes you unique?

List 5-10 Reasons why Parents should choose you. These are your Unique Selling Propositions. What makes you different than your competitors? 

Examples: Low child/Teacher ratios, Good health & safety practices, Staff with higher education & on-going training, Low Teacher turnover, Structured curriculum, Bilingual Teachers, Small group size, Positive teacher/child interactions, Step above minimum licensing standards, Age-appropriate activities, and Family participation/volunteers 

Give me a little information about your childcare.

If any other information is needed from you. I will send you an email. Thank you.

~Kristy Payne



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