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Curious about BrightWheel?


We've got answers! If you're a childcare provider navigating the realm of program management, we're here to guide you through the BrightWheel experience. Schedule a chat with our knowledgeable associates, and let's get into how BrightWheel can transform your center or in-home daycare.


About Brightwheel

Here's how we assist you:

  • Student Management & Live Ratios:

    • Effortlessly handle student records and stay informed on live ratios, ensuring a smooth and well-balanced environment for everyone.

  • COVID Safety & Compliance:

    • Ensure the utmost safety with health questionnaires and compliance measures, meeting the highest health standards to keep your childcare space secure.

  • Messaging/Emergency Alerts:

    • Stay seamlessly connected and respond swiftly to urgent matters with our efficient messaging system, fostering a secure and responsive environment.

  • Staff/Student Schedule:

    • Simplify scheduling for both staff and students, ensuring a well-organized daily routine that maximizes productivity.

  • Employee Clock-In and Out:

    • Streamline attendance tracking effortlessly, saving time and reducing manual efforts for smoother daily operations.

  • Automated Billing and Payments:

    • Say goodbye to the hassle of manual billing. Our automated system ensures smooth and accurate financial processes, providing convenience for your administrative tasks.

  • Admissions with Online Enrollment:

    • Experience hassle-free admissions and a straightforward online enrollment process, making onboarding new families a breeze.

  • Daily Activities/Reports:

    • Effortlessly track daily activities and generate insightful reports, gaining a comprehensive overview of each day's events to enhance planning and communication.

  • Lesson Planning and Observations:

    • Plan lessons and make observations seamlessly, contributing to an enriched educational experience for the children and ensuring effective curriculum implementation.

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