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Letters to learn: U, V, and W 

Shape: Triangle

Color: Blue


Week 1: Pinecones 🌲 Get ready to explore the fascinating world of pinecones with your little ones! This week, we'll dive into a pinecone palooza, learning about these natural wonders through engaging activities. We'll read books, create art, discover the science of pinecones, and even venture outside to explore and collect pinecones. Plus, we'll sprinkle in some math, social emotional learning, and music and dance to keep the fun rolling. Your preschoolers will be captivated by the magic of pinecones!


Week 2: Acorns 🌰 In our second week, we'll shift our focus to the delightful world of acorns! These tiny treasures have a lot to teach us. We'll read engaging books, create art inspired by acorns, and explore the science behind these tiny wonders. We'll head outdoors to hunt for acorns, play with math concepts, dive into social emotional learning, and move to the rhythm of music and dance. Our little learners will be acorn experts by the end of the week!


Week 3: Harvest and Thankfulness 🍁🙏 As Thanksgiving approaches, we'll cultivate a sense of gratitude with a harvest-themed week. Children will explore the bountiful harvest, participate in thankfulness activities, and learn about the importance of being grateful. We'll engage in art projects, outdoor exploration, circle time discussions, and special thanksgiving-themed treats. This week is all about fostering a spirit of thankfulness in our young learners.


Week 4: Trees 🌳 The following week, we're going to the heart of nature—trees! Children will embark on a journey to discover the wonder of trees through art, science, fine motor activities, and cognitive learning. We'll explore the outdoors, engage in circle time discussions, and connect with the beauty and importance of trees in our world.


Bonus Day: Treehouse Fun 🏡🌲 For the bonus day, we're turning our attention to the enchanting world of treehouses. Preschoolers will enjoy a day filled with creative art projects, outdoor treehouse play, treehouse-themed stories, and even some treehouse building activities. This bonus day is all about igniting the imagination and creating memorable treehouse adventures.


Each lesson plan is full of fun learning experiences, great treats, and adventure-filled activities for the children.


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Acorns and Pinecones Activity Plans for 2-5 years olds

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