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Week 1-2: Pumpkin Patch Adventures and Autumn Animals


Step into a world of wonder with our Pumpkin Patch Adventures and Autumn Animals theme! 🌟 Delight in the joy of sensory discoveries as little ones explore pumpkins, their seeds, and the magic of growth. Sing along to whimsical tunes, create pumpkin collages, and uncover the parts of a pumpkin – a treat for curious minds!


But that's not all – our little adventurers will also meet playful bears, charming birds, and feel the intriguing textures of the season. From flapping hands to tracing animal tracks, every touch is a discovery, every giggle a step into the natural world.

📚 A Reading log and monthly Calendar are included.


Week 3-4: Red and Rectangles Galore


Welcome to two weeks of creative exploration with our Red and Rectangles Galore theme! 🎹 Dive into the world of shapes and colors as we embark on artistic activities, games, and interactive lessons. Unleash your inner artist and mathematician while having a blast with red and rectangles!

Engage in a world of creativity and learning, where every stroke of the brush and every geometric shape uncovered is a step toward understanding the beauty of art and math.


📚 A Reading log and monthly Calendar are included.

Use these plans for two weeks each to provide a thorough and enriching experience for your students. Enjoy the journey of discovery and creativity!


**The download is available on your invoice page after purchase.**


Lesson Plans are created by the Daycare Time Solutions team. You are not permitted to resell, claim this work as you own, or alter the files in any way.


This product is for personal and single classroom use only.

Babies -Fall Festival Activities

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