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It's two plans that you use for the whole month. You are doing the first PDF plan, Starry Night Sky, for the first two weeks, and then you will do the second, Cloudy Days, for the next two weeks. 


Starry Night Sky-- Starry Night Sky introduces the children to the beauty of the night sky and to spark curiosity aobut the wonders of the night. 


Cloudy Days- Children will have fun exploring the world of clouds through fun and interactive experiences. They'll touch and feel different textures, create fluffy cloud art, become sky watchers and more.


**The download is available on your invoice page after purchase.**


Lesson Plans are created by the Daycare Time Solutions team. You are not permitted to resell, claim this work as you own, or alter the files in any way.


This product is for personal and single classroom use only.

Baby Dreams

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