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Ensure the safety and protection of the children in your care with our editable Sunscreen Permission Form.


This essential document allows you to obtain parental consent for applying sunscreen on their child during outdoor activities. With increasing concerns about sun exposure and the need for proper sun protection, having a clear and standardized permission form is crucial for childcare providers.


Our editable template provides a comprehensive and user-friendly format that can be easily customized to suit your specific childcare facility's needs. It includes sections for capturing vital information such as the child's details, parent/guardian contact information, specific sunscreen brand and application instructions, as well as any known allergies or sensitivities.


By utilizing this form, you can demonstrate your commitment to sun safety and maintain open communication with parents regarding their child's protection.


Having a sunscreen permission form not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also serves as a legal document that protects your facility and staff from liability.


It provides clarity and transparency, giving parents peace of mind knowing that their child is being appropriately safeguarded from harmful UV rays.


Don't risk any confusion or misunderstanding—make sun protection a top priority by obtaining parental consent through our editable Sunscreen Permission Form.


Purchase and download our template today to establish a consistent and efficient process for sun safety in your childcare facility.


Upload documents using a desktop or laptop. 

Editable Sunscreen Permission Form

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