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1st week: Innovation Station- 

This week, the children will step into the shoes of inventors! We'll inspire them to unleash their creativity and explore various materials as they dive into the exciting world of invention. Together, they'll craft prototypes of their imaginative ideas, sparking innovation and discovery.


2nd week: Bake Sale Fundraiser-

The children will take on the responsibility of organizing and hosting a bake sale to 'raise funds' for Mother's Day, using paper money. Through this activity, they'll gain insight into the significance of giving back to their community and experience the fulfillment of contributing to a meaningful cause. Additionally, they'll have the opportunity to celebrate and express gratitude for mothers and caregivers.


3rd week: Money Matters (Garage Sale Fun)- 

The children will participate in a garage sale activity designed to teach them about the value of money and basic transactions using coins. They'll immerse themselves in a pretend marketplace, setting up stalls, pricing items, and engaging in the buying and selling process. Through this hands-on experience, they'll develop essential financial literacy skills while having fun exploring the dynamics of commerce.


4th week: Social Responsibility Squad:

The children will be actively involved in a community clean-up project, an opportunity for them to understand the significance of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Working collaboratively, they'll contribute to the cleanliness of a neighborhood area, backyard, or even their classroom. Through this hands-on activity, they'll not only learn about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean but also develop a sense of pride and responsibility towards their community.


Letters L and B

  • Color: Orange

  • Shape: Oval

  • Skill: Early Math Concepts


Also Includes:

  • Reading Log

  • Observational Form

  • Parent Partnership Activities

  • Calendar

  • 4 weeks of lesson plans

  • Bonus plan

  • 4 Guide Sheets

  • Up to 40+ book suggestions

  • PDF Cover Photo for laminating

  • PNG Cover Photo for social media


Plans are available for 30 days after purchase.--------Download is available on your invoice page after purchase. If you need the plans, after the 30 days just let us know and we will resend the links.


Lesson plans can be downloaded from a desktop or a laptop, not from your phone. 


Lesson Plans are created by Daycare Time Solutions team. You are not permitted to resell, claim this work as you own, or alter the files in any way. This product is for personal and single classroom use only.

Little Bosses Activity Plans (2-5 year old)

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