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We are pleased to provide you with our comprehensive Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) Pack, designed to serve as a guide for your childcare center's daily operations and practices. Our commitment is to support you in creating a safe, nurturing, and organized environment for children and staff.


What's Included:

Inside this SOP Pack, you will find a collection of essential documents, checklists, and guidelines that are invaluable for setting up and maintaining efficient systems within your childcare center:


  • Opening Procedures
  • Child Check-In Checklist
  • Health and Safety Checklist- Environment
  • Classroom Cleaning Procedures
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist
  • Equipment and Storage Materials Checklist
  • First Aid Checklist
  • Inventory Checklist
  • Staff Arrival Checklist
  • Closing Procedures
  • Transportation Safety Guidelines
  • Weekly Deep Cleaning Checklist
  • Follow-Up Observation Progress Tracking
  • Staff Records
  • Teacher Observation Form
  • Teacher Action Plan
  • Staff Training Record
  • Professional Development Goals
  • Special Needs Accommodation Plan
  • Inclement Weather Procedures
  • Health and Wellness Procedures
  • Child Health and Wellness Check


Why It's Important:

Each of these documents and checklists is carefully crafted to help you meet the highest standards of care, safety, and educational excellence. By using this SOP Pack, you can:

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the children in your care.
  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards within your facility.
  • Streamline administrative processes for a more efficient operation.
  • Support the professional development and growth of your staff.
  • Create inclusive environments for children with special needs.
  • Navigate inclement weather conditions with a clear plan.
  • Meet licensing requirements and expectations.


These SOPs are not only a foundation for your center's daily routines but also a valuable resource for training new staff, monitoring progress, and maintaining compliance.

Standard Operations Procedures (SOP) Pack--Childcare Center

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