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Monthly Subscriptions

If you are on a subscription save the 20th of every month in your calendar!

All lesson plans, menus, and provider monthly e-news letters will be sent out on that day!

  • 2-5 year Old Plans

    Every month
    Kids Think Lesson Plans for ages 2-5 years old.
    • Plans will be emailed to you on the 20th of every month!
    • 4 weeks of lesson plan activities and 3 bonus days.
    • A Teacher's Guide and Observation Worksheet is included.
    • Worksheets that you can add to a Busy Binder.
    • Partnership Activities for Parents and a Calendar for you.
    • Tasty Treat Ideas, Cover Photo and over 40 book suggestions.
    • Pay month to month and cancel anytime! No cancellation fees.
  • 6 months-early 2

    Every month
    Lesson Plans for ages 6 months-early 2 year olds
    • Children will learn from the world around them.
    • They will learn through Sensory, Art, Science, Music, Songs.
    • They will learn through Movement, Language, and Play.
    • Two Weeks of Activities (week 1 will be repeated on week 3)
    • Two Weeks of Activities (week 2 will be repeated on week 4)
    • Plans are available every 20th of the month
  • Bundle Plan(all age)

    Every month
    Lesson Plans for Mix Age Group 6 months-5 years old
    • Includes 4 weeks of activities & 3 bonus activities (2-5 y)
    • Includes 2 weeks of baby plans for 6 months-early 2
    • Includes Teacher Guide Sheet, Busy Binder Worksheets
    • Calendar, Observation/Assessment Sheet
    • 40+ Book Suggestions and Cover Photos
  • Club Childcare

    Every month
    Exclusive Provider Monthly Email News
    • Get 1 email sent out each month on the 20th.
    • Get Business Tips to Elevate your Business.
    • Free Printables and Meal Ideas for the Children.
    • Special Discounts
    • Exclusive News and Products.
    • Elevate your Mind to Elevate your Money. (mindset tips)
    • Giveaways and Contests
    • Monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time.
    • No additional fees throughout subscription.
    • Subscription is month to month. No fee to cancel.

Paid members can also access their monthly lesson plans & menus here.

Kids Think Curriculum

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Annual Monthly Curriculum Plan

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